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    Development is starting again in July 2003. Jérôme D. is helping now Jonathan Bristow.

    Title converted at 80%
    Game is in development (Text box, and graphics)

    Story book is now converted into another syntax.

    Story book is crunched (29 KB instead of 39 KB)
    Story book music 1 to 4 done

    The project started in june 2001 by Jonathan Bristow. It's currently in development. However, lot's of part are done.

    The game will be released on a floppy. It's probably the most beautiful game ever made on the Oric. It use a new technical concept on the Oric. The game is really smooth, colourful.
    Full colour scrolling Arcade Adventure game conversion taken as best from the Commodore 64 version.

    Based upon a new graphic engine that extends the player map to colossal proportions in Text mode using a 3 third mapping method (Characters/Blocks/ Zones/Map), banked character sets, full colour and just 64 characters. The game also features Fully masked Sprites, Realistic Animation of Sea, Rivers, Lakes, etc, first use of 'SID' sounds in the title and storybook sections of the game.

    This game will use all 64K of the Oric, but because of tape constraints the demo does not contain the top 16K so sprites will appear corrupted.

    Tools used

    Cross Assembly (under Windows)
    XA (Linux/Windows)


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